Technical Support and Download

AK Series

1) AK Series Actuator Manual


2) AK Series Motor operation Video

1.Motor unpacking and wiring introduction 

2.AK10-9 V2.0 and R-LINK connection introduction   

3.The connection between R-LINK and upper computer   

4.Encoder calibration in MIT mode   

5.Position loop control in MIT mode   

6.Speed loop control in MIT mode   

7.Torque loop control in MIT mode   

8.MIT mode switch to Servo mode   

9.Firmware update and encoder calibration in Servo mode   


3) CubeMars upper computer Download

4) CH340 Driver Download

5) If motor failed entering MIT mode after power on, Please download the video reference

6) If motor failed entering both modes, pls download  the video reference  and re-flash in the firmware

7) the CAN and UART DEMO for AK Series

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